Friday, 30 October 2015

How Wedding videography came in to picture?

Videography is a process of capturing moving images on electronic media.  The term videography comes from combination of Latin word video means “I see” and Greek word Graphy which means “writing”, its contemporary sense is video writing or video recording.
The arrival of computers and internet in 1980s created a global environment where videography covers many more field than just shooting videos with camera. Due to involvement digital media videography is converting into digital animation, gaming, web streaming, video blogging, slideshows, etc. If you classified videography then several type of videography came in to picture. For example: - Event videography, underwater videography, video production, wedding videography, etc.
In general life I have seen wedding videography is very much important, and in most of the wedding ceremony I have seen people hire a wedding photographer for photography and videography.
I am going to discuss first history of wedding videography:
Wedding videography can trace its roots back to before the advent of the modern video camera through 8mm and 16 mm films. These film cameras were the only way to capture moving pictures and had a major limitation in the form of 4 minute loading time.  In 1980 Sony has made first consumer camcorder.  In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the state of industry began to improve. Marketers create a difference between professional video camera and video camera. In late 1990s digital camera was invented which makes wedding videography easier and impressive.
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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Which is best wedding photography service in Sydney?

What is Photography?
Photography is an art, science and practice of creating durable images by recording. In any type of photography location and quality of camera is matters.  The word photography is derived from Greek word phos , graphe which means drawing with light.
History of photography:-
In the 6th century first time camera was used for experiment by Byzantine mathematician Anthemius of Tralles. The first camera was used for photography was obscura. The discovery of the camera obscura that provides images of scene dates back to ancient China.
The birth of photography was primarily concerned with inventing means to fix and retain the image produced by the camera obscura. Obscura was a box with a hole which allows light to go through and create an image on to the piece of paper.
Invention of photography:-
Around the year 1800, Thomas Wedgwood was made first known attempt to capture the image in camera by means of a light-sensitive substance. After that film photography came in to picture in year 1885 by George Eastman. After that monochrome photography came in to picture which gives black and white photographs. Color photography explored in year 1840s. The first color photograph was taken in 1861 using three-color-separation principle, which is published by physicist James Clerk Maxwell in 1855.
And now digital photography is booming, approx 99% photographs taken by digital camera in 21st century.
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Friday, 2 October 2015

Why wedding videography and photography is required?

Wedding day is very much important for everyone, and especially for couples who are going to get married, because wedding happens only one time in life. Every couple wants to organize perfect arrangement for each and every thing, for successful completion of wedding ceremony couple and their family member do lots of preparation like marketing, booking of lightning service, photography and videography service, catering service, decide perfect venue, decide menu selection, etc.
In all preparation, wedding videography and photography is vital, because it is a only wany you can save your golden moment of life for future and after longer period of time in future you can enjoy your wedding moment through photos and videos. In your wedding ceremony you cannot enjoy each and every moment so after wedding you can enjoy it with the help of photos and videos. Your wedding videos can give you real feeling and enjoyment with emotion as compared to photos but if you want to share your wedding moments with your friends or relatives then you can share photos easily. So, wedding photography and wedding videography both have its own importance.
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Thursday, 1 October 2015

How wedding videography and wedding photography makes good result?

Sonu photo and video is giving service Videography and photography services in Sydney for your special events like, birthday, wedding, anniversary, festival, etc. On each level when people enjoy their happy moment with their well wisher then they want keep all moment as memory and that time videography and photography comes in a role.
Especially in wedding ceremony videography and photography is very much essential to save that golden moment as memory. On the wedding day all well wishers of your makes your wedding day memorable and wedding videography & wedding photography keep your memorable moment alive for longer period of time.
For wedding ceremony, you must have to hire professional videographer or photographer, because like other couple you also want to enjoy your wedding moment in later on future. For best wedding videography and wedding photography clip you must have to hire an expert and professional photographer, who makes you both and your guests appearance awesome.
Only capturing sanps and videos is comes under professional videography, edit of photos and videos is very much important. Photographers edit your photos and videos with the help of photo editing software and make your appearance effective. They will give you effective result, regarding your appearance and quality.
If you will hire an ordinary photographer or videographer then might be you will get bad quality photos and videos, because ordinary photographers cannot apply right technique. And for wedding videography and wedding photography you must have to hire specialized wedding photographers.

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